Something in the Rain - 밥 잘 사주는 예쁜 누나

Other name: Pretty Sister Who Buys Me Food / Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food
Category: Korea Drama 2018
Genre(s): Romance
Release: Mar 30, 2018 Runtime: Friday & Saturday 23:00
Episode(s): 16 Status: Ep16 END
Language: Korean Subtitle: English
Cast(s): Son Ye Jin, Jung Hae In
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The series explores the relationship of two people as they go from being “just acquaintances” to “a genuine couple”. Yoon Jin Ah (Son Ye Jin) is a single woman in her 30s who works as a store supervisor in a coffee shop. Despite being an easygoing person, she lives a rather empty life. She suddenly feels romantic feelings towards her best friend’s younger brother, Seo Joon Hee (Jung Hae In), a designer at a video game company, who has just returned from working abroad.
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micline 84 days ago
je cherche je trouve toujours chez vous genial et merci pour votre travail
Neth Silario 84 days ago
Please make it downloadable
rubybuenaventura 85 days ago
ilove it
rubybuenaventura 85 days ago
nice drama
rubybuenaventura 85 days ago
cristina 85 days ago
i love the story...😍
Deepthi 86 days ago
Subs for ep16.. waiting from 2 days for the subtitles to get uploaded..!! Can u please make it ASAP
Claudia 89 days ago
On home page, blue means English sub but episode 15 does not show Eng sub. Help! Thank you! cm
Claudia 95 days ago
Episode 13 has blue no Eng sub. What's up? I thought the blue meant episode was subbed. Thank you, C
sf 99 days ago
I don't know who is responsible for the drama traduction, but the text disappear too quickly even when it's not necessary. I don't manage to read so fast and I think is the same for a lot of us. If you can, please do something regarding of this.
jen 100 days ago
sub for episode 11 and 12 please
Rosette 101 days ago
Thank you for always giving us a good drama
hanassi 105 days ago
Your website keeps crashing on my mobile device so unstable
Teri Ngo 113 days ago
Episode Cannot be played
prashant singh 113 days ago
Cant buffer and cant download episode 8, so why it is even uploaded?
Prashant singh 114 days ago
Why episode 8 hasn't subbed yet?? Even when u have now @Minho's Wife and what a amazing dubbed she has done in episode 7.. plz make it available in 1hour episode 8 in subbed.. N thanks to @Minho's Wife and or Admin..
Jyro 114 days ago
Jyro 114 days ago
Minho's Wife 115 days ago
Good Evening,
I noticed that it is taking an unbearably long time for the subbed episodes to be released and despite the wait , the subs are mere google translations which are not satisfactory.
I am aware of the reason (Netflix copyright) so i thought i could contribute t the subs
I have been watching dramas for quite a few years now and your site has helped me enjoy the kdrama world and i would love to return the favor.
I cannot grantee accurate subs nor any proof for my knowledge in Korean but since i easily watch episodes raw nowadays I'm confident in providing better subtitles than at least the google translations.
So if you are OK with this please instruct me on how to proceed.
Thank You.
I tried sending this on your contact us...but there is an error with your server when i tried submitting it.
Please respond to me if you are interested because i just want to help out.
My email- [email protected]
Kathleen Joy 115 days ago
Admin 115 days ago
@Minho's wife |
Minho's wife 116 days ago
How do i contact you?.. I couldn't find an email anywhere.
Admin 116 days ago
@Minho's wife | Pls contact us. Thanks
Minho's wife 116 days ago
I would like to contribute to subbing this drama. Im quite confident in providing subs which would atleast be better than the google translations
marge taasan 116 days ago
this is an awesome kdrama and i'm always excited for the next episode..kudos to the actors, director and staff
Yvra 117 days ago
Are the subs for Ep 5&6 are fixed?
pang li hsia 117 days ago
cant see by 360p until today , happens few days, quite trouble for me to catch movies
pang li hsia 117 days ago
why cant see by 360p?few days happens until now still same
Zzz 119 days ago
Please stop pornographic ads when opening drama—some of your viewers are offended and will have to star using other servers.
soreiphy 119 days ago
Really want to watch this drama
Jana 119 days ago
Subs pleaseee
Yuni 120 days ago
Sub english ep 5 and ep 6, please
Greata 120 days ago
Kadi 121 days ago
Same here just waiting for the good stuff
Johnny ko 122 days ago
me too
Jennifer 122 days ago
thank u,,im waiting for the sub
Hero 123 days ago
we need subs
haaafi 123 days ago
please we need ep 5 and ep6 sub :(
Kadi 123 days ago
Subs, Plz?
Will 123 days ago
Need subs for ep 5
Tun Lwin 123 days ago
Epi 5 sub Plz ...
Sec 124 days ago
Where the subs?
D.R 124 days ago
Waiting on episode 5
Truth teller 124 days ago
Episode 5 subs?
Fes 124 days ago
I was about to ask for ep 5 subs but I have been beaten.
Qin 124 days ago
Yes, ep 5 subs please
Qmaster 124 days ago
Subs please.
Will 124 days ago
I want that too Hero but I have been waiting since 3pm but we got to come down the sub too many shows at once
Hero 124 days ago
You are the best. should I expect the subs in an hour?
Admin 124 days ago
@Hero | Its fixed. PLs refresh your browser
Hero 124 days ago
I mean asianvote
Hero 124 days ago
Why is it 7mins according to coolasian it about 1.09hr
Nusrat 124 days ago
Thank u for ep 4, please 5
Hero 124 days ago
Turtle 125 days ago
U are awesome Admin. Cannot wait for the next subbed episode
Kadi 125 days ago
Where are the subs?
Tres 125 days ago
I am waiting for subs too. Fastdrama you da best.
🦁 125 days ago
feu 126 days ago
video not working
Ibrahim 126 days ago
Video not working
Ibrahim Ibrahim 126 days ago
Video not working
Irest 126 days ago
Fastdrama I love you bro!!
Irest 126 days ago
ah man I really wanted to watch it too.
Randy 126 days ago
Qmaster 126 days ago
Sub! sub!! sub!!! sub!!!!
GM 126 days ago
Ha you guys are right.
Erick 126 days ago
yea I agree with Will
Will 126 days ago
This drama is quite popular please don't disappoint. You never had so far
Will 126 days ago
come on admin, where the subs at for ep 4?
Aj lego siaboc 127 days ago
i love it
Aj lego siaboc 127 days ago
i want to watch this
Aj lego siaboc 127 days ago
i want to watch this
Aj lego siaboc 127 days ago
i love korean drama its soooohhhh very

nice movies i been watch
Hinq 127 days ago
Plzzzzz subs for ep4
Aya Keana Bayon Matao 127 days ago
I just wanted to download this korean drama
Nusrat 127 days ago
EP3 is shown as subbed but video isnt working
shanica 130 days ago
subtitles not showing
Maddy 131 days ago
Nivedita 131 days ago
No English subtitle
Nipa 137 days ago
Is there any problem? Why no sub?
Jessica 137 days ago
English subs Please, waiting since yesterday
Bhawna 138 days ago
Subtitles are not there
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